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At FRANZ VEIT GMBH the roll is always the centre point.

Whether it be an office paper roll, a precisely manufactured technical roll, or if it is a question of fun articles for party decoration – all products are presented not only through the strong standard range offering, but also specific to your individual requirements.

Without exception, your rolls are manufactured using high-quality raw material on the most modern paper slitting machinery. Furthermore, VEIT is equiped with several modern printing machines with up to six presses for multi-colour printing. Combining slitting and printing machinery in line, ensures the most cost effective production of printed rolls in one single manufacturing process, e.g. for cash rolls with multi-colour advertisement print.

The Management of FRANZ VEIT GMBH is committed to a programme of continual investment to increase and develop the already high technical performance of our machinery, to ensure you benefit from only the best, both now and in the future.

Whatever you need – we slit and print your rolls according to your wishes

Addi- /Thermorollen

Kassen-, Bonrollen, blanko oder bedruckt mit bis zu 8 Farben

Fax / Telexrollen

Faxrollen, Telexrollen incl. spezifischen Einschlag

Technische Rollen

tech.- / Industrierollen, Lohnschnitt


Blumenseide in verschiedenen Ausführungen, Farben und Mustern


Luftschlangen als Einzel- oder Verkaufsgebinde. Individuelle Designs


Konfetti von 50g bis 10kg Gebinde



Zuschnitt Ihrer Ware in fast alle Breiten und Durchmesser


Etiketten aller Art


Farbbänder für alle Einsatzgebiete