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Paper streamers & decoration rolls

No party, no parade, no event – especially in carnival – without VEIT paper streamers and deco rolls!

Streamers to be blowed, thrown, or decorated, are presented in various designs and packaging configurations.

The application is quite plural: the classic 5-coloured design or the diverse image streamers for Halloween, New Year’s Eve or the famous Oktoberfest, the birthday party version especially for kids, or the new FIFA World Cup layout.

Naturally, all products are supplied using flame retardant paper (on request).

Special packaging for display boxes or consumer packs is only one of the reasons for VEIT’s leading position in the European market. Printed boxes, shrink-foil packaging, from single rolls up to 25-fold consumer pack – everything is possible.

Another strong point of our company is individual design for your assortment. We can adapt the product to your decoration or party range. With the help of labels, designs and packaging we can help you realize the article exclusively according to your request.

Please ask for an offer - readily we will send our comprehensive catalogue to your hands.