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The real value of a company is the composition of its personnel and customers. VEITs successful strategy is based on flexibility and innovative attitude, customer service and highly pretentious quality in all branches.

With almost unlimited variety in the comprehensive range of technical paper rolls as well as a unique efficiency in production, storage and logistics, VEIT is leading the trade.

To be amongst the market leaders also brings along responsibility.

VEIT takes it’s responsibilities to customers, personnel and the company development very seriously. These are the key criteria for the future and our aim is always to be one step ahead to provide all parties with competitive advantage.

This is what VEIT represents

Vorteil (advantage): Einfach (uncomplicated) – Innovativ (innovatively) – Termingerecht (just in time)


POS/ECR rolls, Lottery rolls, Fax rolls, Streamers, Confetti, etc.

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With your interest at the forefront, VEIT has a programme of continual innovation and development of high-quality paper roll products at competitive prices, and can therefore support you in your respective market.

VEIT advantages at a glance:

  • full automatic control via effective production
  • various speciality machinery for special fabrication
  • slitting machinery with fully integrated printing (multi-colour up to 4 colours)
  • further multi-colour printing machinery for up to 6 colours
  • high-quality products at competitive prices
  • motivated employees and workers
  • warehouses, branches and trading partners throughout Europe
  • full-century of experience
  • just-in-time delivery


We won´t make it easy for ourselves – but for you.

Simply for you. Simply good. Simply VEIT!

Just send your order NOW!


Innovation today means to work most efficient and economic. In combination with most modern production technique VEIT is developing solutions in the field of printed rolls, individual cutting etc.

What we offer you today is tomorrows standard.

VEIT is for all who care much about efficiency and economy.


Are you receiving total commitement from your supplier? Then immediately contact VEIT. We always take care of reliability as well as of promptness.

This philosophy is supported by close co-operation with competent partners, international transporting agencies as well as renowned shipping lines.

A company which wants to serve his customers with quality products and offers cannot afford slow shipment times. Due to highly efficient handling and storage, VEIT traditionally adopts the pioneer role.

Werk Hirschaid


Denmark Sales office


Virtueller Rundgang durch unser Unternehmen

In 1906, the groundwork was established for today’s Franz Veit GmbH, in that period firming as “Bamberger Closettpapierfabrik Kailing & Co.”.

Production start of streamers and cash rolls

Übernahme der Geschäftsführung durch Franz Veit.

Franz Veit

Errichtung eines Zweitwerkes in Hirschaid, erstmals unter der Firmierung „Franz Veit – Papierverarbeitung“


Start der Produktion von Kassenrollen in Hirschaid


Gründungsjahr der „Franz Veit GmbH“

Franz Veit GmbH / 1954

Im Zuge der Wiedervereinigung erfolgt der Markteintritt in den neuen Bundesländern mit der Errichtung des Verkaufs- und Auslieferungslagers in Aue. (1996 Lauter)


Beteiligung an einer Vertriebsgesellschaft mit Auslieferungslagern in Dänemark und Schweden


Unser neues Werk – ein Plan wird Wirklichkeit.

Stolz präsentiert sich das neue Werk zur Optimierung der Produktionsprozesse für Kassenrollen und Karnevalsprodukte in Hirschaid bei Bamberg. Die zentrale Lage im Norden Bayerns und mitten in Deutschland hat sich bereits in der Vergangenheit durch eine optimale Verkehrsanbindung bewährt.

Was der innerbetrieblichen Logistik zugute kommt, verbessert auch die gesamte Lagerkapazität von Rohstoffen und Fertigwaren. Eine völlig neue Dynamik in Warenannahme und Versand erlaubt das Zusammenlagern von Kassenrollen und Karnevalsprodukten und garantiert die Einhaltung auch engster Termine.

In den modernen Büros findet sich nicht nur Raum für effektives Arbeiten, sie ermöglichen auch das Zusammenspiel der Belegschaft und der Mitarbeiter in einer Form wie sie dem gesamten Unternehmen zugute kommt.

Auch künftig bieten die großzügigen Anlagen Möglichkeiten der Erweiterung.



Credibility and transparency are also reflected in the FSC® certificate: with the FSC® label on the paper products we show our commitment to the responsible use of resources. At every level of processing and trade, this product chain certification guarantees that materials are clearly identifiable as coming from sustainable forestry.